What is a Stainless Steel press pipe fittings?

Round stainless steel tubes and tubing

What is a Stainless Steel press pipe fittings?

Stainless Steel press pipe fittings
Stainless steel press pipe fittings, stainless steel material is a recognized
can be implanted in human health materials, to achieve the national health
standard drinking water, and can be recycled 100%.

Chinese name stainless steel press pipe fittings Advantages of safe and reliable
links using special hydraulic tools for the press connection operating
temperature -20℃-130℃

The performance characteristic and principle of the press stainless steel pipe:
1. Green Health

2. Secure connection

The press connection has high strength and good anti-vibration resistance. The
connection site to do a one-time “death” to avoid the “live joint” loose
3. Convenient and quick construction

Avoid on-site welding, wire or rolling groove operations, as long as the use of
special hydraulic tools, card-press connection can be easily completed,
time-saving, labor, cost, and a high success rate of installation.
4. Good sanitation and environmental performance

Pipe fittings used 304 or 316 stainless steel materials, sealing ring using
EPDM, chlorinated butyl rubber, NBR or silicone rubber, sanitary and
environmental performance is good, and long service life.

5. Low Flow pressure loss
press pipe fittings inside diameter and pipe diameter is the same (equal
diameter design), the pressure parts of the pipe deformation small, so that
pipeline junction flow and pressure loss is very small, negligible.

6. Strong System Compatibility
Card-Type Pipe fittings specifications range, can be with a variety of valves,
faucets, water meters, pumps and other use, and can be connected with a variety
of existing piping systems.

7. Can be installed and can be concealed
press stainless steel pipe system appearance, can be installed to improve
decorative effect, can also be concealed, to meet the cecs153-2003 “building
water supply thin-walled stainless steel pipeline Engineering Technical
Specification” of the embedded installation technology requirements.

8. Maintenance-free, superior economic performance
50-70 service life design and high reliability design, during the building use
period, almost no need for the pipeline system to update maintenance, a large
number of savings in the use of costs, to reduce the loss to the limit.

9. Wide Application
Applicable to hot and cold water, direct water, heating, air-conditioning, fire,
gas and other civilian low-pressure fluid transport, can also be used in
medicine, beverages, food, chemical industry, such as low-pressure fluid

The principle of press pipe fitting:
Sealing principle: rubber O-ring radial contraction hold tight.
Anti-pull principle: Pressure parts deformation, the middle of the small two
Anti-rotation principle: The card presses into six angle shape, cannot rotate.

“STAINLESS steel card-type pipe fittings”: gb/t19228.1-2011
“Stainless steel pipe connection with stainless steel card”: gb/t19228.2-2011
“STAINLESS steel pressure pipe fittings with rubber O-Ring”: gb/t19228.3-2012
Code for construction of thin-walled stainless steel pipe for building water
supply CECs 153-2003

Pipe material: (SUS304) (SUS316) (SUS316L)
Working pressure: ≤1.6mpa
Operating Temperature: -20℃-130℃
Connection mode: The use of special hydraulic tools for card-pressing connection

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